Infrared Heaters – All you need to know

The Basics About How They Work

The panels in an infrared heating system work the way sunlight does, using infrared light. This is far more efficient than traditional heating methods for multiple reasons. IR heating produces heat from the light that our eyes cannot see. This type of heater warms us up because our clothes and skin soak up this light. It’s similar to the difference between being inside or being out in the sunlight. The sun warms you up because it produces light that is absorbed by your skin and clothes. Sitting indoors or in the shade, however, means the light can’t touch you.

The Benefits of Infrared Heating Panel Systems

Most heating types use convection to work, or gradually heat up the air surrounding them, circulating it until the room has warmed up. IR heaters, on the other hand, emit heat that warms you up instantly by creating a concentrated beam of warming light. With a heater like this, there is no waiting period. Instead, you can feel warm right away. This is especially useful for times when you are sitting at your desk working or on the couch watching TV and want the heat pointing directly at you. Let’s look at some other benefits to IR heating systems.

These are a type of highly energy efficient electric heater. You probably first heard of infrared light in science class when you learned about wavelengths. Perhaps you’ve also heard of infrared technology or infrared radiation from magazines or commercials on TV. But perhaps you don’t remember the details or have altogether forgotten the science behind light spectra and wavelengths. This could leave you without much knowledge about how infrared heaters work.


One of the quickest routes to zero carbon heating

The infrared panels are an extremely efficient way to heat your home using electricity. When combined with a green electricity tariff you can rest assured that you are not using fossil fuels to heat your home.

Because they don’t rely on the heating, convection and circulation of air. They immediately get to work heating the walls, furniture and people. This provides an almost immediate heating effect. As a secondary benefit, over time, the walls and floor themselves will begin to radiate the heat that they have absorbed back in to the room, essentially making your room into one big radiator!

Infrared heating can work in any room

As infrared heating does not rely on the convection of air they are situated differently from more traditional forms of heating (eg radiators and underfloor heating needing to be low in a room to heat the cold air which then rises).

Typically, infrared heating panels are flat aluminium panels that are mounted on the ceiling or high on a wall. Think of them as a torch. They will project out infrared light at a 45 degree angle, casting it across your space. Anything it hits will feel the benefit. This placement has the added advantage of buying back some of your wall space which was previously occupied by a radiator or storage heater.

They are ideal for garden rooms, garages, home office spaces, basements, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. You can either use them in standalone spaces or as a whole home installation. You can even get the panels as mirrors and towel rails for the bathroom or even printed with your favourite photograph.

No visible light. No noise. No maintenance

Infrared heating panels work on the same principal as the sun. The panels emit light in the non-visible part of the light spectrum. Instead of heating up the cold air in a room like traditional forms of heating (radiators, underfloor heating, storage heaters etc) the infrared light works by heating the mass of the room - the walls, the floor, the furniture and the people present.

Glass Panels

Infrared glass panels provide an attractive solution for heating your home, offices, retails outlets and corridors.

With their slim design, they are perfect to fit into any type of room and they are also simple to install. They can be installed on the walls so can be kept out of the reach of children and household pets.

The glass panels offer subtlety in design but effective when it comes to heating, offering the same level of warmth at a lower setting than a traditional heater. This makes them extremely energy-efficient, so they can offer a cost-effective solution to your home or your business.

Available in both white and black, the glass effect will suit many different types of décor, providing a neutral yet stylish appearance. They are the perfect balance of practical solution and elegant design for your interior and heating needs.

Mirror Panels

Infrared mirror panels are a fantastic choice to provide heat and style to different rooms and interiors. These can be used to provide warmth to your domestic property or to a commercial property such as offices or retail outlets.

 Range of different sizes, wattages and designs, such as round or rectangular which will compliment whatever room you use these for. Bathroom mirror panels which are particularly useful for rooms that often have limited space as they are slim and can replace a regular bathroom mirror.

They are even better than a conventional mirror as they won’t steam up.

The panels are easy to install and will soon provide energy saving costs for your home or business. Ideal solution for your heating needs, offering a discrete, stylish and practical addition to any space they are required for.

Smart thermostat

Reliable and fast remote access for any type of electric heating. The thermostat fulfils even the strictest quality and usage requirements. Smartphone application available on any Android or iOS device.

Reliable and fast as lightning
An internet connection is more stable than ever before due to the new built in WiFi module. The server associated with the thermostat is one of the fastest and most dynamically growing cloud-based service.


Programming and adjusting the settings of the thermostat are no longer made difficult by a mess of symbols. The use of the thermostat can be learned within minutes, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the heating system. You can save up to 20% on your annual heating bills with the smart thermostat.

Keep it simple

When designing the controls of the smart thermostat, it left out all unnecessary functions and outdated design elements in order to create a new generation of reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use smart thermostats.

Infrared Heating Panels
Infrared Heating Panels

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Infrared Heating Panels
Infrared Heating Panels

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